Cancer Survivor Dr. Andrew J. Dettore has now published the book
On Both Sides of the Diagnosis:
A Survival Guide for Children and Adults Who
Are Just Beginning a Fight with Cancer,
by a Childhood Cancer Survivor
Who Became a Doctor
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An excerpt from the opening chapter of the book, page 9:
Death crept closely to me when at fifteen years old I was
diagnosed with leukemia, a form of cancer.  Within a few days, a
priest came to my room at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, in
Detroit, to administer my last rites: prayers said to the dying
and the dead.  However, I would “not go gentle into that good
night.”*  I am now a physician, and in this book I will tell you
how I rose from my deathbed to capture my dreams, and how
my experiences can help you overcome any hardships that you
face in life.

* Dylan Thomas, “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night,” The Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas: 1934-1952
(New York: New Directions Books, 1957), 128.
Left to right: Andy Dettore, his friend Vince, and
Andy's sister Megan, playing video games during
Andy's cancer treatment.  Andy says, "Even if your
friends have to visit wearing surgical masks, you
must have fun while you kick cancer's butt!"
With tears of joy, Andy opens a gift from the all of
the then reigning NBA champions, the Detroit Pistons
(The Bad Boys).  Ironically, lots of cool stuff can
come available to you when you have cancer.
More cool stuff that can come available to you when you
have cancer: Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Andy
lunch with then Tiger first baseman Cecil Fielder, and Andy
even threw out the first pitch at a Tigers game.  Pictured
Vince and Dave.
Split image: Andy and his friend T having fun at
their annual summer haven, Camp Dearborn, during
Andy's cancer treatment (left image), just like the
days before cancer (right image).  Left to right:
Andy, T, Mary Anne (T's sister), T, and Andy.
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Andy (while on chemotherapy), and his mother,
Gloria, on their way to a yearly dance called
A Night
of Hope
, held by Leukemia Research Life, Inc.
Andy (center), and his mother, Gloria, and father,
Larry, at a National Honors Society induction
ceremony at Detroit Catholic Central High School.  All
of them were very proud of Andy's scholastic
accomplishment, especially because his main hobby
at the time was taking chemo.
Andy (left), and fellow cancer patient, the late Mike
Quinn, who was, in Andy's words, "An angel on
Earth."  Here, Andy and Mike were enjoying their
time in the hospital by playing pranks on each
other.  Such outlets are key to cancer survivorship.
Andy (right) and some more of his support system:
(left to right) Jimi, and his brothers, T and Paul.  
They are pictured here enjoying Thanksgiving
dinner, during Andy's maintenance phase of
chemotherapy (Living life to its fullest and whupping
cancer's ass at the same time!).
More of Andy's support system: After cancer, Andy
enjoys life with his sisters, Amanda (left), and
Megan (right), at Amanda's graduation from
Michigan State University.
More life beyond cancer: Andy and his wife,
Stephanie, celebrating their first wedding
anniversary, in the Caribbean.
Andy, post-cancer, loving the gifts of God and
Mother Nature at Grand Canyon National Park.
Below: Post-cancer, Andy and a dolphin kiss Andy's wife, Stephanie
(honeymoon in cancun).  This picutre is a favorite of Andy and Stephanie's
young children, Hudson and Lilly.  Lilly has been know to show people the
picture and say, "My mommy's so good she gets kisses from dolphins and my
dad at the same time."
A portion of the proceeds from this
book will go to cancer charities.
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The paperback is available at